Report discrimination and incidents of violence

Discrimination and violence against lesbian, gay, bisexual, trans*, intersex and queer people (LGBTIQ+) takes many forms and there are many ways to take action against it!

Have you experienced discrimination/violence?
This questionnaire gives you the opportunity to report incidents you have experienced anonymously and helps to make prejudice-motivated discrimination/violence and hate crime visible.

Why is it important to report incidents of discrimination and violence?
By sharing your experiences of discrimination and violence, the need for action can be identified so that counselling and support services can continuously be expanded and adapted.

What happens to your information?
Your details will be recorded anonymously in a database and will enable us to raise awareness of discrimination issues and sensitise people to the need for an anti-discrimination culture.
About the incident
1. What happened? (multiple answers possible)
2. When did the incident occur? (estimate if necessary)
3. In which city did the incident take place?
4. If in Hamburg - in which district?
5. Where and in what context did the incident take place?
6. How safe did you feel (as LGBTIQ+) in this place/situation up to now?
7. To what extent have you changed/will you change your behaviour after the incident? (multiple answers possible)
8. Were you accompanied during the incident?
9. Who has discriminated/exercised violence?
10. Were you familiar with the person(s)?
11. On the basis of which characteristic(s) did the incident take place? (multiple answers possible)
12. How did you recognise that the incident occurred because of this/these characteristic(s)?
Has the police been informed?
13. Did you call the police or report the incident to the police?